Corporate Information Technology

What Is Corporate Information Technology?

Established in 1997, Corporate Information Technologies (CIT) is an information technology company dedicated to meeting the requirements of local businesses in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina, area. With a focus on technological solutions that are built following industry best practices and standards, we’re committed about offering our clients unmatched service and support. To ensure that our clients can get the best return on their investment and long-term interoperability of their information systems, we use scientific data-driven approaches in all stages of design, engineering, and implementation. Despite our enthusiasm for many facets of business technology, we do have a number of key competencies.Some of the areas in which we excel include outsourcing routine tasks (help desk and triage services), private and hybrid cloud architecture, information security, red team/white team assessments, thorough business continuity and disaster avoidance, outsourcing of routine tasks, and third party vendor due diligence.

More Detail about CIT

A digital transformation plan was implemented by GWC’s Corporate Information Technology (IT) division across all of the Company’s systems, including both internal business systems and external systems used by clients.

Each policy and procedure is reviewed by the division to ensure that they continue to meet the Company’s evolving business needs. The creation of a new internal center of excellence for corporate applications, which suggests significant cost-saving opportunities for the Company through housing maintenance and development in-house, was one of the new procedures put into place.

The division has served as the backbone for a number of departments’ activities when it comes to business support. Corporate IT initiatives have been crucial to Records Management’s business operations, assuring the information security compliance of their services for customers in the banking and healthcare sectors, among others. In order to further streamline the operations of our business units, the division also provided a number of automation tools. These included the connection of our order and warehouse management systems (OMS and WMS), real-time back-end integration for the client’s e-commerce solution, and customer relationship management (CRM) software, which organizes all client contacts from lead interest to quotations.

Additionally, the division expanded its operations as a business unit, offering a range of services directly to customers, who witnessed a surge in demand for the Company’s data center services. These included the provision of cloud-based solutions and server colocation services.

In order to reduce the danger presented by the most recent malware and ransomware assaults the area has been subjected to, the division developed an information security roadmap to safeguard these systems (both internal and external). In addition to other technologies and initiatives, this roadmap makes use of enhanced threat protection, intelligent intrusion prevention systems, next-generation firewalls, and security incident and event management. In addition to that, the division also supports business continuity by setting up a backup link to the data center utilizing iWAN technology. This provides uninterrupted service in the case of a mainline disconnect and generates a virtual link without entailing any yearly recurrent charges.

By expanding the compatibility levels of our systems to enable end-to-end visibility of all the solutions and services, our clients have purchased from GWC across all business domains, Corporate IT wants to continue concentrating on the Company’s digital transformation going ahead.