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Top 5 Board Member Remote Voting Apps

Every voting software program in our catalog has tools for managing ballots and voters, enabling you to conduct secure elections virtually from any remote location.

Every voting software program in our catalog has tools for managing voters and ballots, enabling you to conduct secure elections virtually from any remote location.

You can make candidate profiles using voting software and voter authentication to confirm their eligibility. The software completely automates the election management process, lowering the possibility of an error during vote counting.

Additionally, you can enable ranked choice voting, which allows voters to rank one or more candidates on their ballots.

Voting Software Products

Assembly Voting

Without sacrificing user-friendly, accessible user interfaces for administrators, voters, trustees, you may run trustworthy national, local, or private elections with the help of Assembly Voting X solution. Ideal for non-profits, trade groups, companies, unions, political parties, and other kinds of organizations wanting to hold elections and assemblies securely online.


NemoVote is a platform for safe live internet voting that is accessible to everyone. Our goal is to enable businesses, NGOs, and other organizations to conduct productive meetings and assemblies. A strong voting platform that includes encryption, real-time live voting, weighted voting, dynamic voting rights settings, advanced result accessibility options, voting in subgroups, in-app roll calls, simple sign-up, single sign-on, and a host of other features. Ideal for non-profits, businesses, unions, churches, political parties, and a wide range of other organizations, as well as anyone wishing to conduct elections and cast ballots electronically.


The platform-independent, attractive, and engaging SurveyLegend represents the next generation of online surveys. We enable individuals and businesses, big and small, to build stunning surveys that are mobile-friendly. Now you can design stunning surveys on your computer or tablet, alter the way they look any way you wish, and use attractive graphics to present the data collected. In addition, you can easily create surveys using drag and drop, and our platform doesn’t require you to be an expert in market research to utilize it. Companies of various sizes, especially start-up businesses, can use SurveyLegend.


Using video conferencing or video streaming technologies (OBS Studio…), DialogLoop is an audience interaction tool for presenters, zoomers, live streamers, performers, performers, and event planners who want to engage with their audience during live, hybrid, or distant events. No software needs to be downloaded. Anyone who wishes to communicate with their audience in multiple ways while giving a presentation or live streaming in front of them, whether in person or online.


It is free and has an infinite audience. Enhance participation at your event. Allow your audience to use their smartphones to take part in live polls, tests, or word clouds. Why pay for a small audience? We can reach any audience. On our scalable cloud platform, we operate globally. We are the commercial Kahoot!

For everyone who presents on stage and wants to engage in live audience engagement.